Transformation & Mindset Coaching to enable you to dismantle Toxic Workplace Culture.

Empowering Organisations and Individuals to be brave, embrace change, and stop the rot.

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Operational Performance

Working with teams who want to create more enriching roles for their staff.

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Employee Engagement

Coaching the leadership or management team enables a deeper understanding of the team as a system.

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Career Progression & Overcoming Obstacles

Coaching can help unlock your hidden potential.

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Return to Work

Specialised program to assist those looking to return to work regain their former confidence.

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Imposter Syndrome & Self-Belief

‘Imposter syndrome’, that sense that you have to work harder or do more than everyone else because you are out of your depth.

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What We’re About

Welcome to Luceat Coaching, I’m Sarah, a Business and Performance coach;
specialising in leadership performance for individuals and businesses.

I work with individuals and businesses to assist them in performing to their true potential. Performance Coaching can unlock untapped potential in teams and individuals. Working with businesses to enable leaders to better engage their teams and drive performance and efficiency. This is delivered via a coaching, rather than a consulting, methodology and is tailored to each organisation to ensure it is targeted and effective. We can use engagement surveys to evidence the return on investment.

I work with individuals who want to thrive in the workplace, rising above, or even dismantling poor workplace culture. Through Coaching I help you improve your performance, quieten your inner critic, circumnavigate imposter syndrome, and stop reacting to external triggers. If you are working in a challenging or fear based culture, we will work through how you maintain your boundaries and role model employee centric performance management. I can help you to shine a light on areas that could be enhanced, sharpen self-awareness, and will equip you with methods to avoid pit-falls; all tailored to your own needs.

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