Imposter Syndrome

Who Do You Think You Are?

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of Imposter Syndrome but I’m guessing most of you have felt it at times. That nagging doubt that you are out of your depth and that any minute now you will be ‘found out’? Sound familiar?

Throughout my career I’ve been promoted on a regular basis and moved industries fairly regularly so it felt this way, a lot of the time. I continually reviewed my performance and I’ve always added value, logically there was no reason to feel like an imposter. Feedback I received from Managers, peers and team have always been positive and yet I continued to doubt; telling myself they weren’t telling me the whole story.

I’ve wondered along the way if that sense of being a half step ahead of where I should be has kept me sharp, focussed me on learning and striving to achieve. But I also know it has been exhausting. I came to the conclusion that if I am learning and growing, I am bound to feel somewhat of an imposter. To not feel that would be belie an arrogance I’m keen to avoid.

Now, I am setting up my own business. I am not an expert in Sales and Marketing. I am not an expert in Website design and SEO. I am a great leader and feedback tells me I will be an excellent coach. It’s still like jumping off a cliff.

The Johari window tells us that there is a part of us that others can see and we are unaware of. Others believe in me, and they believe in you too. Do you trust the judgement of your fans and supporters in other areas? Do you only doubt their sanity when it comes to their belief in you?

I’ve decided if others can see something in me, then who am I to disagree, it is quite liberating.

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