Imposter Syndrome & Self Belief.

Almost everyone has some aspects of negative self talk; inner critics are usually blunt and we allow them more headspace that we would allow any individual who spoke to us like that. Unfortunately it can really chip away at our confidence and self belief.

Many leaders also struggle with what has become known as ‘imposter syndrome’, that sense that you have to work harder or do more than everyone else because you are out of your depth. The feeling that everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing and you’re the only one winging it.

It can stop people from applying for that next role, or going for the promotion because they’re concerned it’s a step too far.

I work with people at all levels to enable them to unpack that inner critic and stop holding themselves back. We are all learning and growing and self belief is often the only barrier to greater success. Contact me know to learn how I can help you to truly smash those self imposed limitations and excel!

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