I started working with Sarah at Luceat Coaching in late 2019 as I was stuck with some self sabotaging habits in my business. I found Sarah’s approach direct but kind and she very quickly helped me get to the bottom of why I had been getting in my own way. Since starting to work together my goals have become more tangible and my self awareness

improved incredibly, allowing me to get on and get stuff done that had I had been procrastinating about for ages. If you need some help moving yourself or your business forward, I would highly recommend Sarah at Luceat. Her listening skills, business acumen and supportive coaching style may be the key to your success, it certainly has been for me.

Andy B Robinson, Voice, Act, Present

Sarah is a motivated and experienced coach, with a knack for getting to the root of a problem and clear resolution. Results driven, with a wealth of leadership knowledge, her coaching style is based on trust and candour.

During my time with Sarah, we discussed longer and short term goals, removing obstacles and good planning; her coaching has been instrumental in my career achievements at my current organisation. I am now have the position I had been hoping for, I could not recommend Sarah highly enough!

Harry Fitzpatrick-Grimes, Performance Leader

I sought out Sarah following a recent redundancy to help me reflect and decide on my next step. Her candid but professional approach put me at ease straight away. Sarah asked great questions and made useful observations as well as sharing her relvant personal experiences.

As a result, I took a bold step I hadn’t planned on taking but which I’m confident was the right decision for me.”

Nicola Brown, Performance Leader

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