A Job to Love

What are you thinking and feeling when you walk into (or dial into) a meeting with your senior team?

I recently worked with a client who was struggling to find her voice. Having been with the same organisation for many years she was knowledgable and respected. That said, changes in structure had left her with a sense she wasn’t being heard. In fact it seemed to her like she had been demoted. She started to second guess herself. She developed the sense that maybe she wasn’t as good as she had previously believed. Trying to build a working relationship with her new manager didn’t work either, he really wasn’t open to it or her approach.

We spent the first couple of sessions exploring my clients strengths, energisers, and support network. Digging into the relationship with her boss and why she felt that he was dismissive of the connection uncovered some ideas. We built a solid action plan to enable her to leverage her network. Furthermore to find allies to help land her ideas, and be more straightforward with her boss.

She made some small and simple changes to how she approached both big meetings and 1-1’s. By doing this, she was able to feel heard, add value and re-kindle her confidence.

Rather than feeling the only option was to leave a job she previously loved, she now loves the job she has again.