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Luceat /’lu:.ke.at/, [‘lu:.ke.at]
verb. 1. Shine

Founded by Sarah Morgan in 2019, Luceat Coaching was set up to assist leaders who want to achieve more in their career; stop sabotaging their own success; improve Operational performance in the workplace; or drive greater employee engagement and satisfaction.

I have 25 years’ experience as a leader and a coach in a wide range of industries that I can now bring into a coaching context to help you thrive and shine at work. My leadership excellence is well recognised, from the recommendations I have received over the years on LinkedIN to the ‘Leader of the Year 2019’ award I recently won at the Women in Business Conference. I led Global IT & Service teams at ASOS and Yahoo!, enabling huge growth while maintaining employee engagement. I’ve driven transformation projects at Ovo Energy and Good Energy; enabling more efficient and fulfilling operational processes while significantly improving employee engagement.

Do you want to springboard your career in 2021? Have you already got the promotion and want to get the most out of a great start? Are you looking to improve employee engagement in your teams? Do you find you can be your own worst enemy, tripping yourself up when it matters most? Whatever your challenge in the world of work, Luceat coaching will help you unlock your potential and really shine.

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